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SPOILER for Halloween Ends?!

SPOILER for Halloween Ends?!

So this weekend they ran a marathon of the Halloween movies on TV and we were able to catch the 2018 version again (think we’ve seen it more then 10 times now?) and noticed something that we never paid much attention to that could be a spoiler…so read on if you dare.

Still wanna know?

In a previous post we talked about what could be a top five fan theory, BUT this could be a HUGE spoiler if we are right. What if in this movie the big reveal is we hear Michael Myers talk for the first time?!

There is a large part of us that hopes this is wrong, but they definitely call this out numerous times in the first (2018) Halloween movie and if this new film wraps up this story then it does make sense they lay the ground work in this first /second movie of this timeline.  After Dr. Loomis shanks Officer Hawkins in the neck and takes Allyson hostage it's all they talk about, then a few minutes later gets his face stomped in by that killer boot only after asking to say something. Plus let's not forget those eager little podcasters asking Myers to “SAY SOMETHING!” as they dangle his mask behind his face. And maybe that is why all the inmates were suddenly going crazy because they too want to hear him talk after all these years?! 

The biggest clue for us that this might actually be true is early in Halloween 2018, the podcaster Aaron wants to know if Laurie has anything to say to Myers after all these years which further points out that maybe in the climax of the final scene Myers utters out something in his final breathe. 

Now, if we really want to put our tin foil hats on and dive deeper into this thought, what if the first 2018 production shot they let out is actually how the movie ends?! Talk about a full circle, huh?

So what do you think, will The Shape finally say something? What will he say? Sound off in the comments

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