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The Multiverse of Michael

The Multiverse of Michael

With the new Halloween movie coming out soon, we wanted to give you guys a breakout of all the timelines and what's been going on throughout the years. If you haven't seen all the movies there are spoilers here.  Now, I'm sure there are some who will think otherwise and even want more in depth play by plays, but this is our take on it. So if you're ready get your blue jumpsuits, grab some popcorn and get right into it. 

Time Line 1: The Original Lineup
Halloween (1978) and Halloween (1981)

After killing his sister in 1963 dressed as a clown we flash forward to Haddonfield years later where you guessed it, it’s Halloween time. Myers, who escaped earlier in the movie and quickly learns how to drive a car soon picks up some kills for his body count and drives back to his hometown which sets up for the movie we all love. With some classic kills we find Laurie now the final girl who survived The Shape which leads us into Halloween 2. Perhaps the best sequel in the genre, we are placed right back into the events of that horrible night as we find Laurie being brought to a hospital. Myers on another killing spree ends up finding Laurie at the hospital and continues to be a one man killing machine. During the climax of the movie we get the blockbuster twist that Laurie is Micheals sister (spoiler) and we find out Dr. Loomis has an excellent shot shooting Myers in both eyes. The movie ends with Myers and Loomis dying from being set a blaze by explosive gas that Loomis sets off.

Time Line 2: The Thorn Years
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

In what could of been a great send off, we find out that Loomis and Myers are both alive; Myers being in a comma and Loomis having some burns. Now in 1988, we find Myers is being transported and in classic movie dialogue the ambulance tech lets everyone know Laurie has died in a car crash and Myers is accidentally awakened just at the moment where we all learn that Laurie had a daughter named Jamie. Wait, doesn’t Laurie fake her death later in H20 involving a car crash?!? Don’t worry it doesn’t matter.  Loomis comes back to town after hearing about some mysterious murders. Some classic kills later we end with police unloading on Myers in a hailstorm of bullets and Jamie (now in a similar clown costume as Halloween 1) kills her adopted mom! 

Halloween 5 picks up after Jamie killed her adopted mom and now has a psychic link to Myers. She spends the movie trying to warn everyone he is coming, we see The Shape shed a tear, Loomis has a stroke and now a mysterious man in black appears. Get all that? Good. 

Halloween 6 keeps going and is supposed to be a direct follow up to Halloween 5. That man in black (remember him?)  pops up a bunch and we find out he is a leader of a cult and has Jamie (now much older) impregnated! She later escapes with her baby, calls a radio station for help but soon dies. Lucky for everyone Loomis was listening to the radio and makes his return. Oh don’t worry that baby from before which we think is Michael Myers's(?) was left at a bus station and a returning Tommy has it. Depending on what edit you watch Tommy circles Myers with stones and Loomis becomes cursed by Thorn and has to take care of Myers for the rest of his life, or he dies off screen with Tommy beating the holy heck out of Myers. So, pick your poison.

Time Line 3: The good, The bad and the The Ugly (Mask)
Halloween (1978), Halloween (1981), Halloween H20 (1998) and Halloween Resurrection (2002)

Essentially this timeline says goodbye to all the other films and we find Laurie alive, with a new name, a son and a dean of a Northern Californian private school.  (She was certainly busy getting her new life together.) However, Mr. Myers makes his return after piecing together that Laurie now Keri faked her death in a car crash and now is on a killing spree at Hillcrest, the school she works at.  The biggest twist comes at the end when Keri or Laurie; depending on what you want to think, steals the car with her brother in it, crashes it  causing Michael to be perfectly pinned reaching for Laurie to save him. Well…not to day Myers, which leads into Laurie cutting off the head of Myers. Thus, finally killing him.

Well.....not exactly.

Fast forward to Halloween Resurrection, we learn Micheal does the old swap the clothes and tapes the mouth shut of a someone else routine and has found Laurie, or Keri, or whatever at a hospital and attacks her.  In one of the worst ways to kill off the a main character, Laurie falls off a roof to her death after giving her epic one liner. And yes, she’s now official dead in this timeline. Been a hell of a run Keri...I mean Laurie.

This leads us into a hot garbage mess of a movie that takes cues from bad reality tv shows and places college kids playing a first person streaming hide and seek game back at Micheals child hood house. Can you guess what happens next? If you guessed Busta Rhymes fighting Myers and leaving him to burn then yes, you guessed it.

Timeline 4: The Zombie Years:
Halloween (07) and Halloween 2 (09)

Forget about everything else as we set sail on a Rob Zombie reboot.

These movies took influence on the first two original movies as a nod, but with a classic Rob Zombie twist. I will say the kills were intense which felt needed for this type of story, but we did get a lot of backstory on young Michael. Which for a lot of people killed this reboot for them as it spoiled too much of who he was. Knowing less about Myers gave him that boogeyman vibe we grew up with. BUT for those new to the franchise maybe this worked better for them. Anyways, we flash forward in the movie, where Myers is older, his mom is dead and he goes on his notorious killing spree where a teenage Laurie and a towering Micheal meet up for an epic Rob Zombie blood filled battle which had some Halloween 4 vibes.

Then comes Halloween 2 which goes in a slightly different direction. Loomis has a book and uses the events of the first Zombie Halloween to basically to setup his career and becomes a prick that you wanna see meet his fate. Lots of crazy kills and blood later we get to the end of the movie where we see Zombie's wife in a white dress, hear some old music and we see a white horse which is mentioned earlier in the film as a dream. The End. Yes, there was more, but trust us it's done.

Timeline 5: How Michael got his groove back
Halloween (1978), Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills (2021) and Halloween Ends (2022)

Still here reading all this?! Nice.

Now, as for this timeline we start with the first Halloween movie (78) and then wipe away everything after that. So forget the random babies, psychic links, cult rocks, car crashes and Busta Rhymes fight scenes. Good? Ok.

We find out Myers was captured and placed in an asylum after the events of the first movie (78) and being studied by Loomis. Laurie, now much older is an obsessed survivalist who rigged her house Home Alone style for what she knows will eventually happen - the return of Michael Myers.

Like the original sequel, Halloween Kills picks up at the end of the 2018 movie where we find Laurie and the other final girls beat up, bleeding in the back of a truck and headed to a hospital. Thinking they've won since they sent Michael to a fiery grave, we see fire trucks racing to the blazing inferno of a house only to see Myers go on an impressive killing spree. Tommy Doyle makes his return and essentially creates a riot chanting “Evil Dies Tonight.” A good spree of kills occur, an amazing nod to Halloween 3 happens, some cameos of the original movie and we eventually find Tommy and his now Myers killing posse surrounding The Shape with weapons ready to finally end Myers.  After kicking the crap out of him he eventually kills everyone, beats Tommy with his own bat and goes back home to have one final kill and an epic stair down with Laurie which sets the new movie up.

Now at the time of the writing of this post the new movie, Halloween Ends is not out, but there are a lot of fan theories for this new movie which is supposed to end this timeline. Will this start a new one? I guess we will have to wait and see on October 14th.

Do you have a fan theory? Send it to us at 

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