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Our top 4 Back to School Slasher Movies

Our top 4 Back to School Slasher Movies

The 80’s were a time period that to this day people talk about and love because it was just so raw and had this feeling of odd wonder. During this decade we got some iconic movies that to this day are simply the best horror and slasher movies ever made. Now, there were also other great slasher flicks that came out but were overshadowed by the icons that we think are perfect to talk about now that back to school season is here.

Here are our top 4 high school slasher movies in no particular order

Return to Horror High

This movie if you haven’t seen it is probably one of our favorite movies to watch. If you read any reviews of it they always mention the modern day Scream movie as a comparison. From the one-liners, the way it makes fun of itself to the killer itself there are a lot of similarities. Without giving too much away this is truly a movie that begs for a watch and added to your collection.

Taking influence from the movie and it’s reviews we came up with a super clean “Crippen” shirt that plays off the Scream vibe that can easily be added to your pile of horror shirts. Go check it out by clicking here.

Slaughter High

Originally called another name, this classic revenge, slasher movie shows what happens when you take bullying too far.  It has it’s moments of typical one-liners, dunking people’s heads in toilets, random nudity and 80’s partying montages that fills up the gaps before the killing starts. Overall this is a good flick to put on during a lazy Sunday this fall.

We felt the class of 86 needed an official school shirt with their jester mascot so take look and let us know what you think. Click here to get the school spirit.

Prom Night

Let me start off by saying three words…Jamie. Lee. Curtis. The final girl herself is in this surprisingly good movie that makes you wonder what really happened to that girl Jamie and her friends thought they accidentally killed. This movie time jumps after a nice bike ride home where the killer decides to turn this prom into a blood bath using everything from an axe to a broken glass to take out it’s victims. From big vans, to Carrie vibes this movie is well produced and should be talked about more.

Since this movie is centered around, you guessed it prom, we thought it would be great to create a shirt that the kids would of worn to show off they were apart of the coolest night in their young lives. Get the shirt here.

Graduation Day

This is a random movie we came across that non of us heard of, but glad we did. Centered around a track team and a coach that pushes his team too far we see one their upcoming stars die after winning a race. Speed through a bit we find it’s graduation day and someone is back to take their vengeance. Is it the coach? The returning sister? Or someone else?  With some fun music montages and a football killing someone (yes you read that right) this movie is another sleeper you should check out.

Show off that track and field spirit with this inspired shirt that makes you want to root for the home team. Get it here!

Now we know there are A LOT of other high school slasher movies out there so keep an eye out this school season for even more inspired shirts coming from Body Count Clothing.



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