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A new Friday the 13th in 2023?!

A new Friday the 13th in 2023?!

Unless you’ve been living under a broken down school bus you’ve heard the most recent rumors that Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller have worked out some sort of deal to bring back this classic franchise.

The last taste of a Friday the 13th movie came back in 2009 when Derek Mears took the helm as Mr. Voorhees and to be frank (yes you can still be Garth) was a great slasher movie that brought the character into modern times while revealing some new traits that you either loved or hated about our hockey mask friend. However, even though successful we never got a sequel because of this lawsuit which left us all in limbo of what’s next for the franchise.

Flash forward a bit, we recently just got a gallon of fuel to the fire of a possible new Friday the 13th movie when a casual change to Cunningham’s Cameo page stated “…The movie has spawned 12 installments with the 13th scheduled for next year” - which to any true classic slasher fan is the best random piece of horror news they could ever have hope to get. On top of that Roy Lee mentions “We will be hearing something at the end of year” just makes everyone even more ready to find out what is coming next. And to stack this good news with even more randomly great news is we are getting a 13th on a Friday in 2023 that falls in October. Oh, and if you are wearing your tin foil hats and deep diving a bit do you think it’s a coincidence that we are getting a Halloween Ends this year, which would make Jason’s return next year even more perfect?! Ok, we need to calm down a bit.

So…what is next for this lovable, machete slashing character we’ve grown up with? Well, with 12 movies under his mask that includes going into space, a killing spree in New York, ravaging Camp Crystal Lake, destroying morgues, transferring his spirit to others and so much more that you have to start to wonder where will Jason strike next. Some theories out in the wild west of the internet say we might see an upcoming Jason dealing with the death of his mother and making his first kills as a teen. Other’s are saying we might get a much deserved sequel to the 09 Jason, while some speculate this could be a whole new timeline after the original Friday the 13th much like the recent adventures of Mr. Myers.

Wherever this franchise goes we hope it stays true to Jason and doesn’t split off to something more ridiculous (yes we are more than aware of Jason X). The foundation was set in 2009 for this killer to take over and with the success of the new Halloween franchise we think it’s time for Jason to kill for mommy again.

Now if you’re like us and you simply can’t wait we suggest you check out Womp Stomp Films Never Hike Alone 6-part fan web series. These movies do the franchise right and you almost wonder why these guys can’t direct the new one. Watch them and let us know how much you love them in the comments.

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