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Our Halloween Ends Theory

Our Halloween Ends Theory

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post a few things to note. One, at the time this was written the new Halloween movie and the final trailer has not come out yet, two there are spoilers of Halloween and Halloween Kills here and three, this is just a our theory and we are probably horribly wrong, but what if….

Michael Myers' iconic mask is made by Silver Shamrock. 

Let us be fair and say this is not our theory, but one we tweaked a bit. This particular theory caught our eye as it’s made its rounds on the old internet and the more we thought about it the more it could hold up. So, again the theory in question is “What if the iconic mask is made by Silver Shamrock? Theory or no theory, the mask has to be made by someone so why not inject some mystery behind it.

Besides being a huge Halloween 3 fan ourselves there are a lot of “facts” that could lead up to this theory being a top five contender. And before you start rolling your eyes and throwing your hands up in the air yelling “NO WAY”  keep reading and maybe you’ll see what we see.

We rewatched Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills a few more times and the more we watched it the more the mask became a key part of both movies. In the first movie Michael is separated from his mask after the events of 78. The two podcasters that are visiting him at the asylum bring out the mask and we see Michael acting differently because he knows it’s there. He knows that “power” is there and just like a drug addict, can feel it and needs it. Not to mention this mystical allure that occurs causing the other inmates to start going nuts which begs another thought, why are they all acting weird too? Do they know something we don’t?

Cue the record scratch.

But wait…”He was wearing a crappy clown mask in 63 when he killed his sister, and you’re telling me that could be a Shamrock mask?!” Yes. Yes we are. 

If the mask was cursed; by Stonehenge or Thorn,  it can be any type or shape of mask.-  I mean, have you seen the movie “The Mask?” Anyways, young Michael got cursed after putting that original Shamrock mask on which could be why he had the “blackest eyes” as quoted by Loomis and why he would have looked so out of sorts after being confronted by the police in the original movie.  If the mask cursed young Myers then he still has the curse inside of him because the curse has become him and grows stronger as he gets older. With the curse comes the supernatural powers of not being able to die and this soulless monster that is out to kill on Halloween.. 

“Wait..wait…wait…in the original Halloween (78) he breaks into a hardware store and gets the iconic mask we all know, and you’re saying that is a Shamrock mask too?!” Yes. Yes we are. 

If the mask company is popular like it’s made to be in Halloween 3 than in theory any and all stores will have that brand. Or, if the mask company went out of business, shut down or whatever then a hardware store having old masks for sale also holds up because it’s Halloween and who wouldn’t try to sell Halloween products in a small town?  - That’s just smart business.

Anyways, after being reunited with his mask in the 2018 movie an older Myers now feels whole and purposeful again after it was taken away when he was captured in Halloween 78. Just replay that epic scene when he lifts it out of the trunk of the car. Between the music, the low speed editing and the way it was shot, we are watching this great culmination of years of waiting to be reunited again. - There is a lot going on in this one scene, theory or no theory.

To further the point more, if you watch Halloween Kills again the now beaten up and torched mask is used yet again against Michael as a way to lure him back to his childhood home. (Thankfully Busta Rhymes is not there waiting for him) Plus if you watch the park scene in Halloween Kills we see the three masks that were made popular in Halloween 3 make their first appearance in an actual Halloween timeline. Which shows that Silver Shamrock is in fact real and in this universe. Or, it’s just a cheap nod to the film and Laurie is dreaming all this in a hospital bed after a near fatal car crash only to learn she is pregnant with a baby girl.

What do you think? Could this theory be the storyline in Halloween Ends? Guess we will have to wait and see.

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