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Halloween Night - A Fan Film Review

Halloween Night - A Fan Film Review

So as of late the team here at Body Count Clothing has been on a quest to find really good fan films of the iconic slashers we grew up with. Not one to sugar coat things, there are some bad ones out there but every once in a while we stumble upon a great one that really captures the essence of that particular slasher.

Recently doing some good old YouTube searches we came across a gem of a movie from Thunder Rock Studios called Halloween Night. Overall this is a great film to watch especially after the garbage Halloween Ends film.

Surprisingly the acting was pretty solid. The back and forth dialogue between characters was not forced or awkward which really shows in the first twelve minutes as they set this one hour movie up. This fan film really understands the character of The Shape and those details demonstrate some great respect for  John Carpenter’s Halloween.  

One thing that is unique about this film is that you really don’t get much backstory on how Myers gets back until forty minutes in, but as you learn about how he got back there is a great tie into some characters of the original movie. So hats off to the team for that.

The kills in this movie were great and were totally Myers style. One thing some fan films forget is that you can use those slasher moments to carry a story on and not just senselessly kill for the sake of doing them. We understand the need to show off your filmmaking skills, but you have to remember the essence of the character and in the case of this film they did a great job of keeping it within the Halloween universe.

The tension building score of this movie really helped take this from a fan film feel to an actual theatrical feel. To think this movie is free on youtube and we had to pay to see the hot garbage that was Halloween Ends.  - And yes we are all still mad about it.

Anyways, this movie is a great reminder of how bad ass The Shape really is and we hope you give it stab.

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