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Horror apparel for originals

Horror clothing remastered

The original horror fan is now grown up.

Keep their stories alive.

With all these reboots and prequels going on these days it’s getting harder and harder to remember the original versions of these amazing horror movies we grew up with. Back then if you were able to sneak out and see one of these flicks you really only had one type of shirt to show off your part of the “elite” group that got to see it first. Nowadays, those same shirts are still being pumped out, but by big name box stores sucking all the nostalgia out of these franchises. Maybe it’s just us, but we find it weird to buy the shirt we had growing up now on the trending rack where we buy groceries. - it just loses the uniqueness it once had.

We want to change that.

Unpack that old feeling.

At Body Count Clothing, we want the loyal fans to have that same feel again when they buy a piece of our apparel. We want each one of you to get that old feeling again of being part of an elite group that you shouldn’t know, but do.

For a lot of us it’s getting harder these days to wear those same old collage print shirts featuring bloody corpses, half naked women, or brain sucking zombies to a family BBQ, or to pick the kids up from school. Body Count Clothing wants to give you an alternative that lets everyone know you're still that same die horror fan but with a style that fits your everyday life.

Same icons, just better.

Let’s face facts….if the franchises are getting older then so are the original fans. It’s time to ditch those big box style shirts and get remastered with Body Count Clothing.

Join the count and remember what it’s like to be an elite horror fan.

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