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Halloween: Evil never dies - It get's a TV show

Halloween: Evil never dies - It get's a TV show

When it comes to legendary horror movie franchises, few can hold a blood-stained candle to the unrelenting terror of "Halloween." The infamous masked madman, Michael Myers, has been haunting our dreams for decades. And now, as rumors swirl like a witch's cauldron about a new movie or TV show featuring this iconic character, one question sends shivers down our spines: "Which timeline should it follow?" Well, grab your pumpkin spice latte, turn off the lights, and let's embark on a spine-tingling journey to explore the possibilities.

A Quick Note on Multiverse Madness

Before we plunge into the depths of the "Halloween" timelines, make sure you've read our previous blog post, "The Multiverse of Michael," where we discussed the tantalizing array of timelines that could be explored. It's like Doc explaining timelines to Marty in "Back to the Future 3," minus the DeLorean and hoverboards, of course. 

The Original Cast

Now that we've ventured through the latest extension trilogy ("Halloween," "Halloween Kills," and "Halloween Ends"), it feels like this timeline has been neatly wrapped up. Laurie Strode has moved on, Michael met his oh so clever demise ala Wile E. Coyote style, and our scarecrow-faced friend rests in peace. Thus, we close the book on this chapter in Halloween history...or do we?

A Halloween Love Story

Enter Timeline 1A, which serves as a classic Hollywood backdoor if the creators decide to keep the Halloween party going. Picture this: Corey and Allyson, in a moment of passion, break the cardinal rule of horror—never engage in amorous activities. But what if evil "changes shape" not just metaphorically but literally? A new evil could be born, carrying on the sinister legacy. (Yes, it's a call back to Halloween 6) With Jamie Lee Curtis's "Laurie" aging gracefully, her natural passing would pave the way for an older Allyson to return to Haddonfield and uncover more secrets of the town and her misadventures with Michael. The love child of Corey the former scarecrow killer, now older and wiser, delves into his disturbing past, and with eerie music and chilling flashbacks, we're treated to a fresh chapter in the Halloween saga. 

The Thorn Years - like the Wonder Years, but not.

Among the tangled webs of timelines, Timeline 2 stands out with its potential richness, which ironically means it probably won't see the light of day. But just imagine if it did. This timeline has layers, like a wicked onion of Myers lore, waiting to be peeled back. With mysterious men in black {Thorn members) making sporadic appearances, this storyline could make for riveting TV if given the chance. Picture it: a season of storytelling that delves deep into Michael's past and the eerie history of Haddonfield. Plus, it'd be nice to see the town of Haddonfield play a more prominent role in the narrative.

The Facts of Laurie’s Life

If they choose to venture down this spine-tingling path, there are intriguing options, provided they find an actor who resembles the original Laurie. In this scenario, we could follow Laurie as she attempts to piece her life together after the horrors of Halloween 2. She grapples with her past, changes her identity, becomes a mother, and even takes on the role of a school dean—plenty of fodder for a compelling TV series. While Michael wouldn't be front and center, his ominous presence could be subtly woven into the narrative for those necessary jolts of terror. Picture this: Laurie's character arc includes a moment of contemplation on becoming a killer herself, leading to a season finale cliffhanger that would leave us gasping.

The Never Ending Story of Horror

As we eagerly await the return of Michael Myers to our screens, the question of which timeline to follow lingers like a ghostly whisper in the dark. The beauty of the "Halloween" franchise lies in its ability to reinvent itself while preserving the spine-chilling essence of horror. Whether we continue Laurie Strode's battle, explore new tales within the "Halloween" universe, or journey into uncharted territory, one thing is certain: Michael Myers will continue to haunt our nightmares, reminding us that evil, much like the autumn leaves, never truly fades in Haddonfield.
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