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Where the F have we've been?!?

Where the F have we've been?!?

Well it's been about a week or so since we've been able to post, like, or really do anything else related to Instagram. So what the "f" happened?!?

In around 14 days we grew out IG (Instagram) account from 0 - 400+ fans and that was apparently a giant red flag for them. According to IG we were using a service to grow our account. lol The reality is that it was our staff being very active with reaching out, liking, following and unfollowing accounts so we could grow with our new audience and be able to reach you guys better and share cool content while growing a little community of horror fans. Actually it's very similar to strategies like that of Foundr and a few other influencers. So in the infancy of growing our brand we were shut down faster than little Tommy telling his babysitter that the boogeyman was outside their house. 

So what has Body Count Clothing been doing since our little "glitch?" Well...we migrated everything over to our new Shopify home. We went from our testing and planning platform to this one to give you guys more options and a better overall user experience. We hope you like it!


That's it for now, so keep on slashin'



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