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Top 5 things to know about Body Count Clothing

Top 5 things to know about Body Count Clothing

Here are the top five things to know about (BCC) Body Count Clothing that you probably don't know that you should know.

1. Our designs are our designs.
A lot of brands out there all have a similar look with their shirts. It's a collage of imagery from the movie and we think that's awesome, BUT we wanted to create an alternative. From using lines from the movies to elements that make the movie great, our team is designing apparel that you can wear anywhere and the true fans get. 

2. We LOVE the classics
Don't get us wrong, the new breed of horror flicks are great and really any type of horror movie is a good movie. Ok...there might be some exceptions there, but in all honesty even the bad ones are still good. Our love for horror started with the classics from the 70's and 80's and fast forward to 2022 they still are our favorites and we wanted our clothing to pay homage to that wonderful time.

3. The details matter.
Any brand out there can say that, but we put our money where our mouth is. From sourcing great shirts to finding the perfect style mesh hat we want what you wear to be top notch and still affordable. 

4. Instagram is our home.
From day one of our brand launch we found that Instagram is our favorite place to interact with everyone in the horror community. The love and support we've gotten there is off the charts and we can't thank everyone enough that follows us @bodycountclothing (yes that is a shameless plug)

5. We are just getting started.
It's a cliche yes, but so is saying "We'll be right back" and everyone loves that. Seriously though BCC is creating the foundation for a lasting legacy that hopefully spans the decades like the best slashers have done. Our plan is to start attending Horror related cons, growing a channel for cosplayers to create content and producing even more awesome apparel.

So keep checking back to the BCC site and make sure to follow us on Instagram. Until then...Keep on Slashin'



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