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Unleash Your Inner Horror Fanatic: Must-Have Pieces from our Top Hometown Collections

Unleash Your Inner Horror Fanatic: Must-Have Pieces from our Top Hometown Collections

The air is getting crisper, the leaves are turning, and the spirit of Halloween is creeping in. For all the horror aficionados out there, this is our time to shine. And what better way to celebrate the spookiest season of the year then by decking ourselves out in the most sinister and stylish horror apparel? At Body Count Clothing, we're here to fuel your passion for the macabre with our collections. From the eerie streets of Haddonfield to the ominous woods of Crystal Lake, let's dive into five must-have pieces that will satisfy your inner horror fanatic.

1. Crystal Lake Collection: Dive into Dread

Welcome to the infamous Crystal Lake, a place that has seen more than its fair share of unspeakable horrors. Our Crystal Lake Collection pays homage to the legendary slasher who made this place a household name. Whether you're heading to a midnight lake party or just taking a stroll through the woods, our Crystal Lake Collection is a nod to the chilling legacy that started it all. Don't forget to pack a machete—just in case. 


Add these shirts to your collection:

2. Haddonfield Collection: The Night He Came Home

Ah, Haddonfield—the quintessential suburban town that harbors secrets darker than the night itself. Our Haddonfield Collection brings you face-to-face with the infamous town that Michael terrorizes. Slip into our Haddonfield Hoodie, adorned with the infamous pumpkin that's become synonymous with terror. It's the perfect attire for evading relentless killers or just making a grand entrance at your next horror movie marathon. 


Don't get stuck in your closet without these:

3. Woodsboro Collection: Scream for Fashion

Woodsboro, a town that knows all too well the rules of surviving a horror movie. Our Woodsboro Collection celebrates the self-aware slasher genre with a touch of sass. Put on our Woodsboro Sweatshirt and show the world that you know the difference between a regular door knock and a bone-chilling phone call. Just remember, never say "I'll be right back."


These shirts are for anyone following the rules:

4. Springwood Collection: Sweet Dreams... or Nightmares?

Springwood, where dreams turn into inescapable nightmares at the hands of a clawed boogeyman. Our Springwood Collection captures the essence of those sleepless nights. Slip into one of our Springwood T-Shirts, an homage to the razor-fingered terror that lurks in the realm of dreams. It's a cozy way to stay awake through those horror marathons—you know, just to be safe.


Top shirts to stay awake in:

5. Fear Street Collection: Where Terror Never Ends

And last but certainly not least, we invite you to Shadyside—a place where horror takes root and never lets go. Our Shadyside Collection pays tribute to the eerie tales that have haunted our dreams. Whether you're exploring cursed camps or uncovering past evils, we've got your covered


Be a "Shadysider" for life:

The Halloween season is all about embracing your inner horror fanatic, and our hometown collections at Body Count Clothing are here to help you do just that. From Crystal Lake to Shadyside, our apparel captures the essence of iconic horror towns and brings them to life in wearable art. So, whether you're channeling the spirit of Crystal Lake or unleashing your inner Springwood survivor, our must-have pieces are ready to elevate your horror game. Get ready to scare up some style! 

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