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Who Watches Haddonfield?!

Who Watches Haddonfield?!

Ready to earn your FREE pin?

The picturesque town of Haddonfield has captured the imaginations of many, thanks to the eerie history and unforgettable encounters with the enigmatic Michael Myers. Now, imagine a social game that allows you to jump in and protect the streets where he roams.


Get ready to embark on a unique journey as we introduce “Who Watches Haddonfield” an exclusive game that lets you stalk our social pages and setup “warnings” all to unlock your FREE Haddonfield Neighborhood Watch button.

Who Watches Haddonfield is more than just a game, it’s a captivating adventure that encourages players to engage with our social community as if it’s the neighborhood of Haddonfield. By checking in and completing 10 (simple) tasks over the next 30 days you will help protect our social community from the lingering shadow of the one and only Shape.

Get ready to answer the question: “Who Watches Haddonfield?” The answer, my friend, could be you.

Right click your mouse and download the game board below today and start on your path! Just remember, you must complete/check off each box and post the completed board by the end of September.

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