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Scream 6…the best yet?

Scream 6…the best yet?

Scream 6…the best yet?

Let me paint a picture for you…I’ve got my Scream 6 collectors cup, a big bag of popcorn and a young kid with a “I love hot moms” hoodie on is sitting next to me. Out of the corner of my eye two people dressed as Ghostface come running into the theater with everyone including myself clapping and cheering their arrival. It goes dark, the trailers come and go and we are greeted by Courtney Cox and Melissa Barrera saying “This is why you go to the theater.” 

With the smell of old popcorn in the air and the feeling of anticipation of what’s to come I can say they were right.

Was Scream 6 flawless…no.
Was Scream 6 a fun, crazy movie that leads the franchise into a great direction…yes.

From the opening scene you knew this movie was going to be different, but still pay homage to its previous versions. In fact they even poke fun at themselves right off the bat in several different ways which is one of the many reasons I love the Scream franchise. During the opening they plant several easter eggs so make sure you look around all the scenes and watch what's on the TV in the background of Jason's apartment.

What’s crazy to me is the trailers actually give a lot away, but still leave enough to finish out the scenes much like a knife wielding Ghostface does to the extras in this film. - Yes, he kills a lot and they are much more intense. Fast forward a little bit we are introduced to new characters and the “Core 4” from the last movie. As any Scream fan knows and even Mindy points out that "You can’t trust anyone" so you're again right off the bat starting to wonder which one of the new characters could be under that mask.

Along the way you get the vibes it’s one person or another. Could it be Kirby? Could it be a returning character from a previous movie? Or maybe it’s the random dude from across the hall? And just when you think you know, they swerve you right into a classic “no shit” moment.

Now before you get to that swerve at the end it’s important to note that the Scream lair is a playground for Stab and the actual Woodsboro killer from Sidney’s life. Which if you are not 100% into this franchise its gonna make you scratch your head a bit because of all the meta talk going on. However it was pretty neat to see the masks of years past and understanding why they are there made it more fun for me. Not to mention seeing all the past killers headshots at the police station really shows how far this franchise has come since 1996.

Without giving too much away, this Scream movie hits all the buttons of the past while still paving a way for Ghostface to make his return. After all, “We are in a Franchise” according to Mindy.

Go see the new Scream movie and let me know what you think.




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